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Women’s Down Parkas: Winter in Canada Made Cozy

Women’s Down Parkas: Winter in Canada Made Cozy
Canadians know winter. The wind, the snow and the free-falling temperatures are all a way of life once the clocks go back and Christmas is on the horizon. There is also a lot of beauty to discover once the storms pass and the skies open to a bright and clear sky. While there are many negative aspects, weather wise to winter in Canada, there are many positive ones too! Engage in fun winter activities while maintaining your individual style with a down parka or jacket – and stay warm and look great while you do it!

Down Parkas for Canadian Women Online

Women have changed the way they shop for fashion. Online retailers are accessible and can provide even more information about the product they sell through chat applications, social media and email. Often e-commerce retailers blog post about latest fashions, styles and products offering the consumer more information on their own terms. Winter fashion is important to Canadian women and those in the know can help you stay in style year-round! 

The best down parkas for women are made by Canadians for Canadians, and they are luxurious and high-quality! Staying warm in Canada doesn’t mean you have to wear big and bulky coats. Jackets and parkas are stylish and offer design features that only someone who knows our winter would design. For example, parkas designed with a high turtle neck design is not just on trend – it will protect the chest and neck from bitterly cold wind. Using accessories like belts and fur trims provide a better fit and protect you from the wind. Parkas are longer in length, coming down to the knees while jackets are waist high. Both have benefits for different applications. Parkas aren’t necessarily warmer in terms of insulation, but the coverage will keep your legs and back side warm with its coverage. 

Women’s down parkas are built for winters in Canada. Shopping online at Canadian based retailers will offer you the best selection for women’s down parkas. Down jackets offer great insulation properties when compared against synthetic fillers. Down jackets are filled with the soft underside of goose or duck feathers. The down creates small spaces that trap warm air and keep you feeling cozy and comfortable. Down is highly compressible and lasts considerably longer than synthetics but is not as water resistant. Poly-filled jackets or parkas may protect against wet weather more efficiently but lacks the luxurious feeling that only down can provide.

The Warmth of Fill Power

Down parkas and jackets have fill power – this is a measurement of "fluffiness” that retains heat. Goose down typically has a higher rating than duck but is less accessible to manufacturers. This makes it more expensive and shoppers can see this in the price tag. Duck meat and eggs is more in demand for consumption than goose, so the down is retrieved from farms across the country to make luxury parkas and jackets for women. The fill power difference is not substantial and high-quality Canadian-made outerwear is more affordable as a result through online stores like Arctic Bay. The best women’s down parka retailers in Canada offer an extensive online selection and free shipping anywhere in Canada. 

Investing in women’s down parkas in Canada will give you season after season of comfort and warmth. Synthetic outerwear will not last as long – perhaps, if you are lucky, a couple of seasons. The polyester fill compresses over time and does not retain the consistent fluffy feeling you get with down garments. Whether you are walking the blustery streets towards the train commute home, or enjoying watching your kids enjoy winter activities outside, you can feel cozy while staying in style with women’s down parkas made in Canada.

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